Kanboard 1.0.9 is released

New features

  • Add a dashboard (first draft)
  • Users are able to create private projects
  • Add support for Github Webhooks
  • Redirect to the original page after login/session expiration
  • Regular users can remove only their own tasks
  • Allow quickly creating and changing state of subtask
  • Add 3 new fields for tasks: start date, time estimated and time spent
  • Add pagination/column sorting for search, completed tasks and users listing page
  • Project activity have been rewritten to be more efficient
  • Kanboard can run with Docker
  • Add icons and shortcuts to the board
  • Input date format is now a config parameter instead of the current locale
  • New translations: Danish, Thai and Japanese


  • The behaviour of project permissions is modified: projects are not anymore visible to everybody by default, you can still allow the access to everbody
  • Improve settings page and move some config parameters to the database
  • The logged user is excluded from email notifications
  • Notifications are only sent to project members
  • Hide users menu for non-admins
  • Improve automatic actions (check for compatible events/actions/parameters)
  • Allow public board iframe inclusion
  • Add configuration option to enable/disable Strict-Transport-Security HTTP header
  • Replace Markdown parser by Parsedown
  • Add a contributor guide
  • Change Vagrant config to have multiple boxes
  • Improve code quality by reducing the code complexity
  • Bug fixes

Focus for the next version

  • Improve the user interface to be more efficient
  • Start to implement some reportings


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