Kanboard 1.0.5 is released

New features

  • Rewrite of the board:
    • Better drag and drop
    • Support for touch devices (iPad and Android tablets)
    • Automatic refresh of the board (Ajax request every 10 seconds)
    • The board is refreshed only if the browser tab is visible
  • Add the possibility to remove a task
  • Assignee change from the board is now a popover
  • Add categories for projects and tasks
  • Add file attachments
  • Sub-tasks with fields for the assignee, status (done, in progress, todo), time estimated and spent


  • Better user interface (new task view layout, add some responsive design css)
  • New automatic actions: assign automatically a color to a given category (and the opposite)
  • Automatic task links within the description: writing #12 create a link to the corresponding task
  • German translation
  • Code refactoring (add autoloader and change files organization)
  • Bug fixes


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