Kanboard 1.0.35

New features

  • Add external tasks plugin interfaces
  • Add personal API access token for users
  • Rewrite of Markdown editor (remove CodeMirror)
  • Suggest menu for task ID and user mentions in Markdown editor
  • Add config parameter to disable automatic SQL migrations


  • Add button to close inline popups
  • Simplify .htaccess to avoid potential issues with possible specific Apache configurations
  • Replace notifications Javascript code by CSS
  • Refactoring of user mentions job
  • Remove Nitrous installer
  • Update translations
  • Rewrite some components in Vanilla Javascript
  • Started Javascript code refactoring to avoid to much dependencies on jQuery
  • Remove dependency on VueJS and CoreMirror
  • Add P3P headers to avoid potential issues with IE

Bug fixes

  • Change column type for application settings value (field too small)
  • Fix link generation when user mention is followed by a punctuation mark
  • Make user mentions works again

Breaking changes

  • Rename command line tool ./kanboard to ./cli


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