Kanboard 1.0.34

New features

  • Custom project roles with configurable restrictions
  • Duplicate a task to multiple projects during creation
  • New automatic action:
    • Close a task in a specific column when not moved during a given period


  • Do not close the popover when clicking on the background
  • Add visual icon to show a dropdown action on task
  • Avoid 'blur' effect on popover
  • Accept more file types for external links
  • Restrict search to active projects
  • Improve task status filter
  • Add filter tag:none
  • Always apply merge hooks in task creation controller
  • Update task moved date only when the column or swimlane is changed
  • Add new subtask hooks
  • Add the actual use of TaskStartDateFilter
  • Update translations and documentation

Bug fixes

  • Send absolute links in email notifications
  • Restrict task complexity to a specific range to avoid integer overflow
  • Do not show closed tasks in task move position form
  • Avoid "Controller not found" in Settings > Links


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