Kanboard 1.0.32

New features

  • New automated actions:
    • Close tasks without activity in a specific column
    • Set due date automatically
    • Move a task to another column when closed
    • Move a task to another column when not moved during a given period
  • New filter "moved" for moved date of tasks
  • Added internal task links to activity stream
  • Added new event for removed comments
  • Added search filter for task priority
  • Added the possibility to hide tasks in dashboard for a specific column
  • Documentation translated in Russian


  • Improve background worker and job handler
  • New template hooks
  • Removed individual column scrolling on board, columns use the height of all tasks
  • Improve project page titles
  • Remove sidebar titles when not necessary
  • Internal events management refactoring
  • Handle header X-Real-IP to get IP address
  • Display project name for task auto-complete fields
  • Make search attributes not case sensitive
  • Display TOTP issuer for 2FA
  • Make sure that the table schema_version use InnoDB for Mysql
  • Use the library PicoFeed to generate RSS/Atom feeds
  • Change all links to the new repository

Bug fixes

  • Allow users to see inactive projects
  • Fixed typo in template that prevent project permissions to be duplicated
  • Fixed search query with multiple assignees (nested OR conditions)
  • Fixed Markdown editor auto-grow on the task form (Safari)
  • Fixed compatibility issue with PHP 5.3 for OAuthUserProvider class


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