Kanboard 1.0.31

The main change of this release are tags. Each task can have multiple tags. Tags can be specific for each project or global to the application.

New features

  • Added tags: global and specific by project
  • Added application and project roles validation for API procedure calls
  • Added new API call: "getProjectByIdentifier"
  • Added new API calls for external task links, project attachments and subtask time tracking


  • Use PHP 7 for the Docker image
  • Preserve role for existing users when using ReverseProxy authentication
  • Handle priority for task and project duplication
  • Expose task reference field to the user interface
  • Improve ICal export
  • Added argument owner_id and identifier to project API calls
  • Rewrite integration tests to run with Docker containers
  • Use the same task form layout everywhere
  • Removed some tasks dropdown menus that are now available with task edit form
  • Make embedded documentation readable in multiple languages (if a translation is available)
  • Added acceptance tests (browser tests)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed broken CSV exports
  • Fixed identical background color for LetterAvatar on 32bits platforms (Hash greater than PHP_MAX_INT)
  • Fixed lexer issue with non word characters
  • Flush memory cache in worker to get latest config values
  • Fixed empty title for web notification with only one overdue task
  • Take default swimlane into consideration for SwimlaneModel::getFirstActiveSwimlane()
  • Fixed "due today" highlighting


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