Kanboard 1.0.28

New features


  • Improve Avatar upload form
  • User roles are now synced with LDAP at each login
  • Improve web page title on the task view
  • Unify task drop-down menu between different views
  • Improve LDAP user group membership synchronization
  • Category and user filters do not append anymore in search field
  • Added more template hooks
  • Added tasks search with the API
  • Added priority field to API procedures
  • Added API procedure "getMemberGroups"
  • Added parameters for overdue tasks notifications: group by projects and send only to managers
  • Allow people to install Kanboard outside of the DocumentRoot
  • Allow plugins to be loaded from another folder
  • Filter/Lexer/QueryBuilder refactoring


All plugins must be updated.

Bug fixes

  • Allow a project owner to manage his own public project
  • Fixed PHP warning when removing a user with no Avatar image
  • Fixed improper Markdown escaping for some tooltips
  • Closing all tasks by column, also update closed tasks
  • Fixed wrong task link generation within Markdown text
  • Fixed wrong URL on comment toggle link for sorting
  • Fixed form submission with Meta+Enter keyboard shortcut
  • Removed PHP notices in comment suppression view


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