Kanboard 1.0.27

New features

  • Added Markdown editor
  • Added user avatars with pluggable system
    • Default is a letter based avatar
    • Gravatar
    • Avatar Image upload
  • Added Korean translation


  • Added more logging for LDAP client
  • Improve schema migration process
  • Improve notification configuration form
  • Handle state in OAuth2 client
  • Allow to use the original template in overridden templates
  • Unification of the project header
  • Refactoring of Javascript code
  • Improve comments design
  • Improve task summary sections
  • Put back the action sidebar in task view
  • Added support for multiple placeholders for LDAP_USER_FILTER
  • Added local file link provider
  • Show configuration in settings page
  • Added "?" to display list of keyboard shortcuts
  • Added new keyboard shortcuts for task view
  • Always display project name and task title in task views
  • Improve automatic action creation
  • Move notifications to the bottom of the screen
  • Added the possibility to import automatic actions from another project
  • Added Ajax loading icon for submit buttons
  • Added support for HTTP header "X-Forwarded-Proto: https"


Bug fixes

  • Fix bad unique constraints in Mysql table user_has_notifications
  • Force integer type for aggregated metrics (Burndown chart concat values instead of summing)
  • Fixes cycle time calculation when the start date is defined in the future
  • Access allowed to any tasks from the shared public board by changing the URL parameters
  • Fix invalid user filter for API procedure createLdapUser()
  • Ambiguous column name with very old version of Sqlite


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