Kanboard 1.0.26

New features

  • Add drag and drop to change subtasks, swimlanes and columns positions
  • Add file drag and drop and asynchronous upload
  • Enable/Disable users
  • Add setting option to disable private projects
  • Add new config option to disable logout


  • Use inline popup to create new columns
  • Improve filter box design
  • Improve image thumbnails and files table
  • Add confirmation inline popup to remove custom filter
  • Increase client_max_body_size value for Nginx
  • Split Board model into multiple classes
  • Improve logging for the Docker image

Breaking Changes

  • API procedures:
    • "moveColumnUp" and "moveColumnDown" are replaced by "changeColumnPosition"
    • "moveSwimlaneUp" and "moveSwimlaneDown" are replaced by "changeSwimlanePosition"


Bug fixes

  • Fix PHP notices during creation of first project and in subtasks table
  • Fix filter dropdown not accessible when there are too many items
  • Fix regression: unable to change project in "task move/duplicate to another project"


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