Kanboard 1.0.25

New features

  • When creating a new project, have the possibility to select another project to duplicate
  • Add a "Me" button to assignee form element
  • Add external links for tasks with plugin api
  • Add project owner (Directly Responsible Individual)
  • Add task priority configurable by project
  • Add Greek translation
  • Add automatic actions to close tasks with no activity
  • Add automatic actions to send an email when there is no activity on a task
  • Regroup all daily background tasks in one command: cronjob
  • Add task dropdown menu on listing pages


  • New Dockerfile based on Alpine Linux and Nginx/PHP-FPM
  • The date time format can be chosen in application settings
  • Export only open tasks in iCal feed
  • Remove time form on task summary page and move that to task edit form
  • Replace box shadow by a larger border width when a task is recently modified
  • Do not refresh the whole page when changing subtask status
  • Add dropdown menu with inline popup for all task actions
  • Change sidebar style
  • Change task summary layout
  • Use inline popup for subtasks, categories, swimlanes, actions and columns
  • Move homepage menus to the user dropdown
  • Have a new task assigned to the creator by default instead of "no assignee"
  • Show progress for task links in board tooltips
  • Simplify code to handle ajax popover and redirects
  • Simplify layout and templates generation
  • Move task form elements to Task helper

Breaking Changes


Bug fixes

  • Category label is broken on the board if there is a url in the description
  • Fix pagination on task time tracking page


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