Kanboard 1.0.24

New features

  • Forgot Password
  • Add drop-down menu on each board column title to close all tasks
  • Add Malay language
  • Add new API procedures for groups, roles, project permissions and to move/duplicate tasks to another project
  • New Python API client: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/kanboard/1.0.0


  • Avoid to send XHR request when a task has not moved after a drag and drop
  • Set maximum dropzone height when the individual column scrolling is disabled
  • Always show the search box in board selector
  • Replace logout link by a drop-down menu
  • Handle notification for group members attached to a project
  • Return the highest role for a project when a user is member of multiple groups
  • Show in user interface the saving state of the task
  • Add drop-down menu for subtasks, categories, swimlanes, columns, custom filters, task links and groups
  • Add new template hooks
  • Application settings are not cached anymore in the session
  • Do not check board status during task move
  • Move validators to a separate namespace
  • Improve and write unit tests for reports
  • Reduce the number of SQL queries for project daily column stats
  • Remove event subscriber to update date_moved field
  • Make sure that some event subscribers are not executed multiple times
  • Show rendering time of individual templates when debug mode is enabled
  • Make sure that no events are fired if nothing has been modified in the task
  • Make dashboard section title clickable
  • Add unit tests for LastLogin


Bug fixes

  • Automatic action listeners were using the same instance
  • Fix wrong link for category in task footer
  • Unable to set currency rate with Postgres database
  • Avoid automatic actions that change the color to fire subsequent events
  • Unable to unassign a task from the API
  • Revert back previous optimizations of TaskPosition (incompatibility with some environment)


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