Kanboard 1.0.22

This new release introduce a new authentication and authorization architecture. A lot of code refactoring has been made to have an extensible and flexible system. It's now possible to write plugins to propose alternative authentication backends.

Read the documentation to create authentication plugins

Groups and Teams

With Kanboard, a group of people is like a team. Each user can be assigned to one or multiple groups. Then each project manager can authorize projects access to a group while assigning a specific role for the project.

More over, a new project role have been created "Project Viewer", these users only have read-only access to the project.

Enterprises that use Kanboard can also configure the LDAP groups synchronization.

Read the documentation about groups

New Features

  • Add pluggable authentication and authorization system (complete rewrite)
  • Add groups (teams/organization)
  • Add LDAP groups synchronization
  • Add project group permissions
  • Add new project role "Viewer"
  • Add generic LDAP client library
  • Add search query attribute for task links
  • Add the possibility to define API token in config file
  • Add capability to reopen Gitlab issues
  • Try to load config.php from /data if not available

New Plugins

Note: Do not forget to update your plugins.

Breaking Changes

  • The user roles nomenclature has been changed
  • LDAP configuration parameters changes (See documentation)
  • SQL table changes:
    • "users" table: added new column "role" and removed columns "is_admin" and "is_project_admin"
    • "project_has_users" table: replaced column "is_owner" with column "role"
    • Sqlite does not support alter table, old columns still there but unused
  • API procedure changes:
    • createUser
    • createLdapUser
    • updateUser
    • updateTask
  • Event removed: "session.bootstrap", use "app.boostrap" instead


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