Kanboard 1.0.21

This version focus on fixing regressions from previous releases.

New plugins

Do not forget to update installed plugins.

Breaking changes

  • Projects with duplicate name are now allowed:
    • For Postgres and Mysql the unique constraint is removed by database migration
    • However Sqlite does not support alter table, only new databases will have the unique constraint removed

New features

  • New automatic action: Assign a category based on a link
  • Added Bosnian translation


  • Dropdown menu entry are now clickable outside of the html link
  • Improve error handling of plugins
  • Use PHP7 function random_bytes() to generate tokens if available
  • CSV task export show the assignee name in addition to the assignee username
  • Add new hooks for plugins
  • Remove workaround for "INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE..."

Internal code refactoring

  • Rewrite of session management
  • Move some classes to a new namespace Kanboard\Core\Http

Bug fixes

  • Loading cs_CZ locale display the wrong language in datetime picker
  • Datepicker is closed unexpectedly on blur event
  • Fix bug in daily project summary CSV export
  • Fix PHP error when adding a new user with email notification enabled
  • Add missing template for activity stream to show event "file.create"
  • Fix wrong value for PLUGINS_DIR in config.default.php
  • Make CSV export compatible with PHP 5.3
  • Avoid Safari to append .html at the end of downloaded files


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