Kanboard 1.0.15

Here are the main improvements for this release:

Recurring tasks

It's now possible to configure recurring tasks in Kanboard. To fit with the Kanban methodology, the recurring tasks are not based on a date but on board events.

  • Recurring tasks are duplicated to the first column of the board when the selected events occurs (Moving a task from the first/last column or closing a task)
  • The due date can be recalculated automatically
  • Each task records the task id of the parent task that created it and the child task created

Recurring task


Jabber/XMPP integration

Such as Slack and Hipchat integrations, notifications can be sent to a Jabber chat room.

Jabber notification


Improved task links

  • Allow auto-completion with the task id
  • Links are grouped by label and more information are displayed (assignee and time tracking)
  • It's now possible to edit a task link

Calendar improvements

  • The calendar is able to show all tasks in addition of tasks with a due date.
  • The date of the events can be configured to be the task start date (default) or the creation date.


iCal feeds

  • For each project and user, you can subscribe to the iCalendar subscription.
  • You can export the same information as the internal calendar to any calendar software like Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.
  • This is a read-only access, it's not a CalDAV access.

Edit iCal subscription


Webhooks changes

  • The Kanboard webhook is more flexible now, all internal events are sent to your external program.
  • You can receive events for tasks, subtasks, comments and attachments.


New and modified API procedures

The source code behind the API has been refactored and new procedures have been added:

  • getProjectActivity
  • getProjectActivities
  • getDefaultSwimlane
  • getActiveSwimlanes
  • getAllSwimlanes
  • getSwimlane
  • getSwimlaneById
  • getSwimlaneByName
  • getAvailableActionEvents
  • getCompatibleActionEvents
  • getLinkById
  • getLinkByLabel
  • getOppositeLinkId
  • getAllLinks
  • createLink
  • updateLink
  • removeLink
  • getTaskLinkById
  • getAllTaskLinks
  • createTaskLink
  • updateTaskLink
  • removeTaskLink
  • getFile
  • getAllFiles
  • createFile
  • removeFile

The API authentication can also be done with a custom HTTP header now.


Other improvements

  • Private projects can be converted to a multiple users project but also the opposite
  • Move swimlane title and add swimlane anchor
  • The settings page is splitted into more sections
  • Set autofocus to assignee dropdown (board popover)
  • Add new automatic action to update the start date
  • Add event "task creation" for the action TaskAssignColorColumn
  • Add chosen select for user selection
  • Add Debian 8 in Vagrant file
  • Show swimlane dropdown only when necessary
  • More functional tests for the API
  • Helpers refactoring (reduce complexity and increase maintainability)
  • Avoid creating multiple instances of Translator
  • Rename directory app/Libs to app/Library
  • Update logger to send only errors to Syslog and everything else to the debug file
  • Fix bug: Increase length of attachments file names (Mysql) and truncate the name if too long
  • Fix bug: editing private project enable user management
  • Fix bug: change 2FA condition due to controller renaming
  • Fix bug: add missing file extension for screenshot filename

Thanks to everybody!

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