Kanboard 1.0.14

Incoming emails handling

You can create tasks directly by email now. There are several methods to do that, I choose the easiest method to implement: using a third-party service.

Basically, you have the choice between 3 SMTP providers:

These services handle incoming emails without having to configure any SMTP server. Emails are received by Kanboard via a webhook.



It's now possible to insert a screenshot or copy and paste any image directly in Kanboard. This feature is very useful for bug reports by example.

Screenshot page

Note: This feature doesn't works with all browsers.


Burndown chart

The burndown chart is available for each project. This diagram is a graphical representation of work left to do versus time.

Burndown chart

The sum of task complexity is recorded for each day.


Behaviour changes

Daily project summaries include all tasks now, before it was only open tasks. Those data are used by the cumulative flow diagram.

Related Projects

Kanboard Presenter by David Eberlein

The goal is to present all impotent projects of a development team on a TV screen and cycle them through to have an overview of what the current status is.

Other improvements

  • Allow admins to disable the 2FA for a standard user
  • Add Slack and Hipchat integrations for each projects
  • Display the author in email notifications
  • Notifications are sent with the language of the recipient
  • Add category description that display a tooltip on the board
  • Improve image thumbnails
  • Display the sum of task complexity in the column
  • Print CSS stylesheet for boards and tasks
  • Updated translations
  • Some code refactoring
  • Better documentation
  • Major bug fixes related to Windows Server support, columns and subtasks positions

Thanks to everybody!

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