Kanboard 1.0.13

Here are the main improvements for this release:

Project budget

The budget section is available for each project. The data used for the calculation come from the subtask time tracking, the user timetable and the user hourly rate.

Budget Graph

When you start a new project you can define a budget line. Then Kanboard will calculate the cost for you based on the user timesheet.

Read the documentation about project budgets

User hourly rate

Each user can have a different hourly rate, this feature is used for the budget calculation.

Hourly Rate

Read the documentation about that

User timetable

For each person, you can define a regular timetable for the week but also schedule time-off and overtime.


This data is also used in the calendar if you have enabled the subtask time tracking. The time spent takes into account the worked hours.

Read the documentation about timetables

Task transitions

Each time you move a task to another column, Kanboard records this action in a seperate table now. So you have a better understanding of the history of the task.


Read the documentation about transitions

Slack integration

If you use Slack you can receive Kanboard notifications on your team channel:

Slack notification

Read the documentation about Slack

Hipchat integration

Same thing for Hipchat:

Hipchat notification

Read the documentation about Hipchat

Two factor authentication

Kanboard supports the two factor authentication by using the standard Time-based One-time Password Algorithm defined in the RFC 6238.

After each successful authentication, Kanboard will ask you a pin code generated by any TOTP compatible software.

There are many free and open source software available:

This method doesn't use any mobile phone and can be used offline.

Read the documentation about the two factor authentication

New API procedures

  • getVersion
  • getAllSwimlanes
  • getSwimlane
  • getSwimlanes
  • moveSwimlaneUp
  • moveSwimlaneDown
  • updateSwimlane
  • addSwimlane
  • removeSwimlane
  • disableSwimlane
  • enableSwimlane
  • getAvailableActions
  • getAvailableEvents
  • getCompatibleEvents
  • getActions
  • createAction
  • removeAction

Read the documentation about the API

Other improvements

  • Subtask estimates can be displayed in the user calendar
  • New translations: Turkish and Dutch
  • Preview of images in the task view (PHP GD extension required)
  • New automatic action to change the color of a task when the column is changed
  • Allow admins to transform a private project to a team project
  • Activity stream is available for each task
  • The task creation form show the swimlane dropdown
  • New shortcut to add a task link from the dropdown menu
  • The task complexity is moved to the bottom right corner
  • Subtask priority (defined by the position)
  • It's possible to toggle the board between compact view and horizontal scrolling view
  • Project description field
  • Increase subtask title max length from 50 to 255 characters
  • Reduce user interface flickering for boards with a large number of tasks
  • Tables "subtasks" and "files" have been renamed
  • Add config parameter for custom database port
  • Custom stylesheet
  • Bug fixes

Thanks to everybody!

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