Kanboard 1.0.11

Here are the new features of the version 1.0.11:



Boards can be divided into horizontal lanes. So you can have a better organization of your tasks.

By example, in software development you can separate different releases. Swimlanes are configurable in project settings.

Read the documentation about swimlanes for more details.

Project managers

A new user role is introduced: Project manager.

Project permissions

Any standard users can be promoted project manager.

  • Project managers can change the configuration of the project and access to the reportings.
  • Standard project members can only use the board.

Read the documentation about project permissions for more details.

Other improvements

  • Gitlab webhooks
  • Subtasks export
  • Board filter values are stored in the browser local storage
  • Add default categories for projects in settings
  • Better responsive design for tablets
  • Task search is not anymore case sensitive for people using Postgresql
  • Hungarian translation added and other translations updated by contributors
  • The event handling use the library Symfony\EventDispatcher instead of my own dispatcher
  • I replaced the library Monolog by my lightweight logging library SimpleLogger
  • Several internal code refactoring (template helpers and acl)
  • Bug fixes

Focus for the next version

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Improve the API to be able to create mobile applications easily
  • Integrate the pull-request about the calendar view

Download the version 1.0.11

Thanks to everybody!

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