Kanboard 1.0.10 is released

New design

Kanboard got a lifting with this new version:


Some sections have been moved to focus on the most used features.

Improvements on the user interface are never done. The goal is to have a software that will be more efficient and more robust after each iteration.

Improved dashboard

Projects and subtasks with sorting and pagination have been added to the dashboard:



This version introduce 3 new graphs:

  • Tasks distribution
  • Users repartition
  • Cumulative flow diagram


Minor improvements

  • Tooltips on the board
  • Markdown preview for tasks and comments
  • New export: Project daily summaries
  • Improvements for single users
  • The API return the id of created elements and some procedures have been added
  • Several translations updated
  • Add support for LDAP START-TLS

Code refactoring and more unit tests

  • Kanboard use Composer to manage the dependencies.
  • More unit tests have been written to improve the reliability
  • A lot of code refactoring have been made to reduce the complexity and improve the maintainability
  • Templates are organized into sub-folders now
  • The command line tool use the package Symfony\Console
  • Debug logs are sent to Syslog and data/debug.log with Monolog
  • Of course, many bugs have been fixed

Change about the minimum requirements

The version 1.0.10 requires at least PHP 5.3.7. That means a default PHP installation on Debian 6 Squeeze are not supported anymore.

Note: I don't maintain anymore the official Docker image on Docker Hub. However you can always build your own image from the repository.

Focus for the next version

  • Add swimlanes
  • Gitlab webhooks
  • Continue to improve everything else

Download the version 1.0.10

Thanks to all contributors!

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