Introducing a new release process

In order to improve the quality of the software, the release process will change from Kanboard v1.0.30.

Predictable Release Date

On the first week of each month, a new stable version of Kanboard will be released.

Beta Channel

The Git repository contains 3 branches:

  • master is the development branch
  • beta is the pre-release branch
  • stable branch

Before to publish a new version, the development branch (master) is merged into the beta branch. In this way, contributors can test the application before the final release.

The Semantic Versioning will be used, for example the first release in the beta channel will be 1.0.31-beta0. If a regression is found, a new tag will be created 1.0.31-beta1 when the issue will be fixed.

Finally, when the software is ready to be released, the beta branch is merged into the stable branch and the tag 1.0.31 is created. The new version will be announced on the website (RSS Feed), Twitter and with the newsletter.

Docker Images

There are several tags for the Docker images:

  • latest is an automated build that represents the development branch
  • stable is the latest stable version
  • beta is the latest beta version
  • v1.0.x is an automated build of each release, in case of a regression, you can easily do a rollback to a previous version

This process have been inspired by the open source projects Gitlab and Atom.

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