Kanboard 1.0.37


  • Improve keyboard shortcuts handling
  • Improve auto-complete dropdown elements sorting
  • Larger task form
  • Rewrite dialog and confirmation boxes (inline popups)
  • Remove TaskGanttCreationController
  • Add helpers to open modal boxes
  • Make icons clickable in menus
  • Open task imports in modal box
  • Open form to create customer filters in modal box
  • Open project activities in modal box
  • Display project analytics in modal box
  • Display project exports in modal box
  • Improve accordion component
  • Improve currencies page navigation
  • Improve link labels page navigation
  • Improve settings page layout
  • Offer the possibility to define version compatibility from plugins
  • Add task creation event to the automatic action to send task by email

Bug fixes

  • Closing screenshot dialog prevent input elements to get focus


  • Almost all plugins have been updated


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