Kanboard 1.0.41

The main improvement of this release is a simplified dashboard and the conversion of several tables to a new layout.

Dashboard in version 1.0.41

The user and group list are also using the same layout:

User list in version 1.0.41

New features

  • Add Croatian language translation


  • Simplify dashboard to use new tasks list view
  • Move notifications outside of dashboard
  • Render QR code for TwoFactor authentication without Google Chart API
  • Add toggle button to show/hide subtasks in task list view
  • Use same layout as task listing for task search
  • Display tags in task list view
  • Make user actions available from contextual menu
  • Change users and groups list layout
  • Project priority is always rendered now
  • Do not list private projects when adding a new user
  • Restore link for task title on board

Breaking changes

  • Remove method getQrCodeUrl() from PostAuthenticationProviderInterface

New Plugins

There is now an internal Chat for Kanboard:

Chat Plugin

Updated Plugins

Those plugins needs to be updated:


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