Deploy Kanboard on Heroku

You can try Kanboard for free on Heroku. You can use this one click install button or follow the manual instructions below:



  • Heroku account, you can use a free account
  • Heroku command line tools installed

Manual instructions

# Get the last development version
git clone
cd kanboard

# Push the code to Heroku (You can also use SSH if git over HTTP doesn't work)
heroku create
git push heroku master

# Start a new dyno with a Postgresql database
heroku ps:scale web=1
heroku addons:add heroku-postgresql:hobby-dev

# Open your browser
heroku open


  • The storage of Heroku is ephemeral, that means uploaded files through Kanboard are not persistent after a restart. You may want to install a plugin to store your files in a cloud storage provider like Amazon S3.
  • Some features of Kanboard require that you run a daily background job.